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Shadow Opportunity

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Option 1: Shadow Opportunity

🔸Shadow Mai Le on any procedures up to 8 hours of Shadowing

🔸You get to pick one full day to shadow Mai Le on all her procedures. Emerge yourself in our salon vibe, get to see how do things and run our business.

🔸While shadowing, you can ask as many questions as you want.

🔸Mai Le will also share all her tips and tricks on any questions you have.

🔸You will receive a Certificate of Attendance


Option 2: Shadow + Model

🔸Shadow Mai Le on any procedures and bring in your own model to receive Mai Le's guidance on how you can make your procedure more effective.

🔸This includes 5 hours of Shadowing + 3 hours of practical Model

🔸Mai Le will help you on all practical areas you still need help with whether, it be techniques or methods to help you maximize your time.

🔸Please bring your own machine and needles.

🔸You will receive a Certificate of Attendance


This course is:

🔹Suitable for all level artists who want to learn or expand their skills.

🔹If you are an advanced artist, you will benefit so much in just shadowing seeing how we do our procedure the most efficient ways while. After this course, you will feel more confident in your own procedure and develop more insights on how to make your work look beautiful.

🔹If you are a new artist, you will get to see what permanent makeup is all about before committing to it; you also get to see what salon vibe and working at a salon is like before entering this field.



At MaiLash & Brows, we believe in spending quality time with our students to fully understand their needs. Please text our studio (480) 707-3399 to schedule a Shadowing Date.


- Payment is non-refundable.

- You may transfer the payment to a future training date. We kindly request you to give us a minimum of 7-day notice of any changes.

- The Remaining Balance will be due in Class