Protension Adhesive
Protension Adhesive
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Protension Adhesive

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  • Protension Adhesive works great in low temperature and slightly high humidity condition.
  • Doubling the retention of the lashes with powerful bond more than any other adhesives.


  • Volume:  5ml
  • Active Ingreditent: Cyanoacrylate
  • Formaldehyde, Latex Free
  • Drying Time:  Fast drying in 1 second
  • Viscosity:  Thin
  • Fume level:  Average
  • Retention level:  6 - 10 weeks


  • Temperature:  Best at 70 - 75F
  • Humidity:  Best at 25 - 40% 
  • This glue performs good in low temperature with high humidity environment; or high temperature with low humidity


  • Suitable for Beginners to Master level, depending on the lashing environment.
  • Storage unopened:  4 months, to be stored in temperature between 3-7 degree Celcius.
  • Storage opened:  1 month, to be stored in room temperature in a dark dry place, in the thermal bag with silica gel packet included.
  • Do not put glue back to the fridge once opened.
  • Allow glue to come to room temperature 24 hours before openning to use.

MLB Tips:

  • Combine with Glue Potion to increase retention. Follow guideline of Glue Potion usage carefully.
  • Cannot be used on sensitive clients
  • Occasional burping glue bottle to prevent it from drying up.