Lip Blush Training
Lip Blush Training
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Lip Blush Training

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Option 1 : Online Training Only

You will learn:

🔸Natural Lip Blush

🔸Dark Lip Neutralization

🔸Lipstick and Lip Blush Effect

🔸In-depth color theory specifically for Lips

🔸 Mini Kit included (list is on the main Lip Blush Training page)

🔸Access to Video Demos and Techniques

🔸Online Support

 See Full Course Curriculum

This course is:

🔹Suitable for advanced artists who want to further their skills.

🔹If you are a new artist, we highly recommend the Hands-on Training. There is so much more that will involved in the practical training where the instructor has a 1:1 time to help you developing correct hand movement.


Option 2 : Online Theory + 2-Day Hands-on Training

🔸Full Pro Kit included (list is on the main Lip Blush Training page)

🔸Access Online to learn Theory prior coming to class

🔸Practice on 2 Live Models under instructor's guidance

🔸Shadow opportunities to learn more cases of different types of skin/lips and procedures in a salon setting.

🔸A true 1:1 time with the instructor focusing on technical and practical aspect. This is the the most important part of the training. Our goal is to help you developing the correct hand movement creating beautiful work.

This course is:

🔹Suitable for all level artists who want to learn or expand their skills.

🔹If you are an advanced artist, you will benefit so much in taking this course as it deep diving into details from Theory to Practical. The instructor will help you expanding your skills to a higher level.

🔹If you are a new artist, you will learn everything about permanent makeup lips. There will be so much information for you to absorb and put into practice. This course will be worth taking as it teaches all lip blush techniques.



At MaiLash & Brows, we believe in spending quality time with our students to fully understand their needs. Therefore, we conduct our classes upon request as 1:1 or 2:1. Unless you are a group of 3 to 5 students of equaled/similar level who, would like to take the class together. Please contact MLB for pricing info (480) 707-3399.


- Deposit is non-refundable.

- You may transfer the deposit to a future training date. We kindly request you to give us a minimum of 10-day notice. Please understand once you lock in the training dates, your instructor would block her schedule to prevent clients from booking in advance of 3 weeks. We also have to arrange models and other artists' schedules around the training dates. Therefore, any changes after 10-day notice strongly affect us as a whole, your deposit would unfortunately be forfeit and non-transferable. 

- If you are signed up for Online + Hands-on training, the Mini Kit will be sent out first and the rest of the Pro Kit will be available on the day of class. Please remember to bring your Kit to your Hands-on Training.

- The Remaining Balance will be due in Class