BB4 | Volume Needle Tip
BB4 | Volume Needle Tip
BB4 | Volume Needle Tip

BB4 | Volume Needle Tip

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MaiLash tweezers are hand-crafted and have been through quality-checked to ensure precision. A good tweezer goes miles in assisting the artist to create the best art. Let us be your golden tools! Improved version of the traditional thick chunky L-shape tweezer. This Needle Tip tweezer has been crafted down to precision. Thinner tip allows more flexibility for the artists in their placement.

Material: German stainless-steel

90 degree tip

12cm length
Durable & rust resistant
Light weight. Rest perfectly in artist’s hand.
Soft clasp
Works better towards the tips

Suitable for: Volume eyelash extensions
Can be used with any lashes. Best with 0.05mm, 0.03mm lashes.
Do not use to take off lashes, tension of the tip will be affected.

***MaiLash’s Tips
Can be used for both fanning and wiggle techniques
Have more than one so you can switch in between clients.
Soak in Barbicide after each use to sanitize
If tweezer tip gets into glue, use a nail filer or buffer to buff it off. Then, wipe with acetone.
Can be used with fanning technique in Volume eyelash extension. Not suitable for wiggle technique.

*All Megavolume Tweezer Silver series have been tested by Mai Le and certified MLB Coaches with 0.05mm lashes to ensure they can grab volume lashes.*

BB stands for Beauty Boss