0.18mm | UltraSharp Disposable Microblading Pens

0.18mm | UltraSharp Disposable Microblading Pens

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Black disposable blades - precision, sharpness, and firmness ALL in ONE.

MaiBrows presents the most cutting edge tool in order for artists to achieve the best result while, practicing safety application. We have special made to combine the thinnest diameter blade, 0.18mm (not 0.25mm like others) to a disposable handle that can be safely dispose each time after use. Black blade is the most advanced technology ensuring precision, sharpeness, and firmness. Each of the blade has been sterilized through EOS Gas and packaged with date and lot number. Moreover, MaiBrows Disposable Pens blade has been angled to ensure more precise strokes producing clean cuts.

Comes in single packaged or a box of 10 disposable blade pens.


Diameter: 0.18mm
Number of Needles: 16 Pins Slanted or 18 Pins U blade
Disposable - one time use only.

MaiBrows Tips

  • Through our extensive research and experience, we have found that 0.18mm blade does least damage to the skin. The thinner the blade the better for the skin when healed. However, it also requires the artist to be skillful in using thin blades, as they can either cut too shallow or too deep. It is important to have experience in working with a variety of skin types.
  • Do not push hard, pins (each needle) are very thin. Pushing hard can cause one of the needles to bend.
  • *For professional use only