Lip Blush Training

Lip Blush Training

Whether you are new to aesthetics or an experienced lip blush and microblading technician, you get the chance to take your services to an entirely different level of success with our lip blush training course.

In case you are new to aesthetics and want a profession with high income, lip blushing is your go-to option. Lip Blush course is a semi-permanent makeup training. In simple words, lip blush is like a cosmetic tattoo that enhances the color and shape of your lips. 

Lip Blushing creates an illusion of fuller and more defined lips. Permanent lip liner and filing will create a similar effect to lip fillers, plus it will also eliminate the daily application of lip liners.

Enrolling in our course will teach you the art of enhancing lip shape. . With our expert training sessions and practical experience, you will learn how to create the perfect and most beautiful lips. 

Online Lip Blush Training: From Beginner to Advanced 

At Mailash & Brows, we offer online lip blushing classes. Our course is suitable for beginners and previously trained professionals, as it includes teaching from beginner to advanced levels. Registering in our course, you will learn: - 

  • Both Natural Lip and Dark Lip Techniques 
  • Basic to Advanced Color Therapy
  • Lipstick and Lip Blush effect
  • Lip Mapping and Shaping in 15 minutes  

In our course, you will get access to the following: - 

  • Demo videos and techniques
  • In-depth Modules on PMU theory (including skin types, machines, needles, etc.)

Apart from this, you will also get discounts on your first orders. Once your lip blush classes are complete, you will also be offered a Facebook group for support. 

MaiLash and Brows Lip Blush Training Courses 

MaiLash’s lip blush classes are equivalent to a private course, thus, you will need to book 60 or 90 days prior to enrolling. Our Lip blush training is conducted in two phases  as mentioned below: -  

Online Training Course 

This is an online training course, and therefore, no practical experience will be included. With this lip blush course, you will get the following: - 

  • Access to video demos and techniques 
  • Constant Online Support
  • Mini kit

The mini kit includes one PMU wireless machine, one biotech pigment, five 1R needles, five 3R needles, ten pigment rings, ten pigment cups, three latex skin, and one pigment cup holder. 

In this online lip blush training course, you will learn:- 

  • Natural lip blush 
  • Dark lip neutralization 
  • Lipstick and Lip Blush effect 
  • In-depth color theory specifically for lips

Online Training + 3 days of hands-on Training

This online course comes with three days of practical experience and will train you in: - 

  • Tons of Shadow - opportunities to learn more cases of different types of skin/lips and procedures in a salon.

 With this course, you will get access to the following: - 

  • Full Pro Kit 
  • Practice on 2 Live Models

Read something about Online Training before class. Our three days of practical experience are segmented as: -

  • Day 1: You will learn different Lip Shading Techniques, Shaping & Measuring.
  • Day 2: Our experts will help you to improve your skills on Latex. Shadow opportunities on multiple procedures.
  • Day 3: Working on  Live models 1 and 2 under supervision. 

Why Join MaiLash’s Lip Blush Classes? 

MaiLash & Brows believes that expert training in the trending aesthetic is aspirational and requires proper certified training.  With more than eight years of experience, our focus is to train individuals in the art of lip blushing. With core values of high quality and proper techniques, our experts eagerly await you to share their experience and knowledge. 

Over the years, we have performed thousands of procedures, and our experts will share their uncensored experiences.

Searching for lip blush training courses? Sign Up For MaiLash’s Lip Blush Course Now! 

MaiLash and Brows is a growing industry. With our experience, we aim to impart our values and techniques to other aspirants. In all the Beauty and wellness areas, you will only receive professionalism from us. Contact us Now  to enroll yourself in our online training course.