How to Become a Pro Artist to Better Service your Clients

Mai Le @MaiLashBrows and Christina Dao from Toronto, Canada @artisan.glow share their tips and insights on how you can stay on the top of your game, how to keep your clients happy, and so much more.

Key points:

πŸ”‘ Have passion in what you do

πŸ”‘ Put Quality into your work and life will reward you. This leads to happy clients, word of mouth referrals, and growth

πŸ”‘ Do research on choosing the right training

πŸ”‘ Some apps that we use: Facetune, Beauty Plus, Instagram.

πŸ”‘ Tools for pictures: DSLR camera, Ring Light or Glamcor

πŸ”‘ Most importantly, Stay Motivated - Stay Educated through classes and conferences.



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